Evandar Mestari v Brostrom

BH, AD, TR1,TR2, TR3, FH, TD CGC, Mobility Dog
OFA Good, Elbows Normal, PennHip, CERF, Cardio


June 21, 2001 - October 13, 2012    My "Heart Dog"

Evandar was the son of
World Sieger VA Lasso v Neuen Berg SchH3 FH
(US)VA5 Jessie v Blickfeuer SchH2

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     Evandar was retired from breeding to the disappointment of many who wanted puppies but only after he sired two service dogs, both dog guides. 
      I had hoped, however to get his VST in his lifetime. What a challenge!  There simply are not many tracking trials within hundreds of miles and given our Idaho weather with deep winters, our practice time is so limited.
     Evandar accompanied me as a mobility dog.  He is rock solid in temperament and so trustworthy. Solid and true in his protection of me and the family. He was simply a joy to live with and to train over the years!  What a special, special guy he was. 
     Many people felt that Evandar had changed their mind about German Shepherds because of his incredible spirit and love for people, kids, and other animals.  It was my deepest sorrow that I never was able to breed Evandar with my lovely Mavis.  I no longer have any of his legacy to cherish.


     This is one of my favorite moments with Evandar, captured by my friend David Lister.  A crisp fall morning at Senate Creek in the Sawtooths.  Some icy areas, a wooden log bridge, dirt, rocks, a stream to cross, a pine forest on a hillside to scale and an incredible track laid by David. What incredible skill Evandar used to guide me through that scent extravaganza nearly a mile long.









     Evandar and his son Marcus