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Yes, I train more than
German Shepherds! 




    German Shepherds are my passion just like Labradors and Goldens are the passions of others. There are distinct differences in the way they learn, their work ethic and their interests. I have experience in over one hundred breeds of dogs.  All of them challenge us and give back to us in different ways.
     The most important thing I have learned over the years in dog training is that all dogs have 5 basic types of "drive".  Understanding "drive" and knowing what drives your dog has, will direct us in our training methodology.  As an example, if your dog has a high prey "drive" to chase animals and a lower food drive, hanging a pork chop around your neck to get your dog to come back to you once he has begun his chase is useless.  Understanding how to evaluate each and every dog, will help us determine what is the most effective means of training for that individual dog.  Understanding you, the human partner is the other part of that equation.  Having a HUGE bag of training tools and being able to apply it to the individual dog and their owner is the ART of dog training and instruction. 
     I do not comply to only ONE methodology of training.  I use what best suits that dog and that owner.  I do focus on positive methods.  I also have very strong beliefs in teaching Leadership and confidence to the owner.  "Honoring" our dogs for who they are as pack animals is a primary focus of my training.  I hope you will join me!     

    Fran Jewell