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      PPDT was the Wood River Valley's first dog training program created specifically to meet the needs of the individual dog and their owners.  Positive Puppy offers expertise in basic pet dog training, to severe problem behavior solving, as well as instruction for the serious competitor.  People travel from all parts of the country to train their pet dogs,  puppies, older dogs and competition dogs with Positive Puppy.  
     When you call Fran Jewell for an appointment, typically she will recommend a series of private lessons, a minimum of 4, or 6 or more depending on your particular situation.  There are a few situations that might only require one lesson. The first lesson is usually a 2 hour consultation where Fran will inventory your dog's current skills, get history on any problems, and develop a training plan specific to your situation. 
     She also will discuss her approach and the Seven Components to a Healthy Relationship with your dog. You will both then set up a series of additional 1 hour lessons at a convenient time to round out the series. When you finish your series of lessons, Fran then becomes available to you for a total of one hour of free phone consultations.

     Fran is available for some phone consultations depending on the severity of the issues. To set up a phone appointment with her, please send an email to:





Rainier v Sonnentanz is a Brinx son in training as a Mobility Dog for Positive Partners Assistance Dogs, Inc. 

He was bred by Sundance Shepherds in Port Angeles, WA

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