Marcus v Kearanen
January 29, 2005 - March 14, 2012
"Miracle Marc" as we call him.  He defied death multiple times over, and came out on top! 
He was the gorgeous and courageous son of

Evandar v Brostrom BH AD, TR1, TR2, TR3, FH, TD
 V Casey v Brostrom TR1, SchH1

     He was the first born of my first litter. At 16 WEEKS old, Marcus earned his CGC.  He was destined for greatness, when I donated him to Positive Partners Service Dogs, Inc. He was in training as a guide dog for a woman in Hawaii when he fell victim to a surgical malpractice at a local veterinarian, which launched Marcus into a fight for his life.
     After surviving nearly 6 months in and out of ICU, Marcus was stable but would forever require care for his permanent incontinence and inability to express is own bladder resulting from the original malpractice surgery. He could no longer be a guide dog and had to be retired.
     But, something good had to come of this tragedy. WSU found an experimental procedure that saved Marc. Today, WSU teaches this procedure to all their students and through Marc and his ordeal, he is saving the lives of other dogs! 

     Marc lived to 7 years old defying all the odds.  He lived longer than anyone had believed possible.  His love, zest for life and will to live have inspired many.
     Please take a moment and rejoice in Marc's life.  This video is a culmination of his short 7 years. 
Every day with Marcus was a treasure.

When Marcus left us, he ran the bases at full speed, slid into home, with holes in his pants, dirt on his face, and scabs on his knees. 

God, please give me the strength to someday forgive
Glenn Bowerman who no longer has a license to practice
veterinary medicine in the State of Idaho

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