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Von Kearanen Talo....

......from the home of Kearanen. 
     In the early 1900's my  grandmother, who was then 16, had a dream to come to America from Finland.  Her ticket here was on the Titanic.  At the last minute, it was discovered that her ticket and the ticket of a business man had been issued for the same cabin.  The business man was desperate to get to America as soon as possible for some important business deal.  With generosity in her heart, my grandmother gave her ticket to the businessman.
      Her name, Lydia Kearanen.  Unsinkable, generous, full of dream.

I was a single mother for 20 years, working to raise, then put my daughter through college.  I have kept a focus on the ethics, wisdom, courage and tenacity of my family heritage. That focus kept me going through the struggles of reaching for my dreams, just as my grandmother did.  My dream, since the 7th grade has been to train service dogs.  An intricate part of that dream has been the German Shepherd.  This is my HERITAGE.
     ~ Fran Jewell

The Philosophy of
Kearanen Talo

       I have never understood what the term "Hobby Breeder" is.  It always seems to me that the term "Hobby" is an excuse for not really taking responsibility for their breeding. Breeding is a huge responsibility for the lives that a breeder brings into this world, and the word "hobby" just doesn't seem to describe to me that responsibility.
     I do not have a kennel, either.  My dogs live with me. After all, if they can't live with me, how can I expect them to live with others?  Kearanen Talo, literally means " Kearanen Home" in Finnish, not Kennel..  

      My primary goal, when I breed  a litter, is to have a litter that is as healthy as possible with a temperament that we can live in our homes and do the work they were bred for, as well as return to our community something of themselves.
      My hope is to produce puppies that are healthy and strong enough to do service work - to do something meaningful in their lives for other people. It is not my goal to produce the toughest Schutzhund dog, or the top AKC conformation champion.  It is my goal to produce blend of intelligence, biddable temperament, and strength in structure to do the job of assisting those who are disabled, competing in working trials, Search and Rescue, or pet therapy.  Since those areas are my expertise, I have a strong knowledge of what skills and natural abilities a dog for those activities must possess.  I have also educated myself on the breed standard and competed in both AKC and German conformation.  

     To prove my dogs' breed worthiness, I have titled them in several areas including Tracking, Obedience, Sheep Herding, Canine Good Citizen, Endurance, Agility and/or Pet Therapy.  What is unique to von Kearanen Talo dogs is that I title them myself.  I do not and will not send them out for titling.  I have an intimate knowledge of each of my dogs and how they respond, what motivates them, where their weaknesses are and what their strengths are.  I take great pride in that.  
      I evaluate them for structural strength through the standard evaluations ~ OFA, PennHip and CERF and the German show ring. 

     While my dogs come from world class German show lines whose parents were Schutzhund titled and VA or V rated (for conformation) parents, they have character of confidence, gentleness and correct classic structure that is neither extreme nor trendy.  I think their blend of character and structure produce the dog that can offer freedom and hope to several people whose lives will be enriched by having a service dog.  I also see their progeny as highly competitive in working trials such as obedience and agility, Search and Rescue, or  detection work.  

       I started my lines on foundation bitch, Mavis v Bullinger (pictured at left).  She is so lovely in spirit, graceful, and full of devotion.  Mavis simply wants to share herself with everyone.  I bought Mavis for her temperament and as a foundation bitch for service dog candidates.  However, Mavis' beauty is breathtaking. She is the daughter of V York v. Bullinger, and the granddaughter of VA Ursus vom Batu SchH 3.  I adore her willingness to strike a relationship with me.  The first week I had her home, I took her to an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluation, and she passed!  It just said to me how wiling she was to engage with me and trust me.  She is passing those traits along to her progeny:  Brinx, Brekka and Baewulf.  One of Mavis' sons, Baewulf, is a hearing assistance dog in Bellevue, WA.  And through her other son, Brinx, two more service candidates are in training - Rainier and Merlin. 
       For service dog candidates, the dog must be willing to devote themselves to their partner without reservation, strength of confidence, yet possess sensibility and discernment.  Mavis is indeed all that. 
     Seeing her progeny grow and excel in anything they endeavor has been nothing short of heartwarming!

I hope you will enjoy this glimpse of each of my dogs!

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Grandson Rainier,
Son Brinx,
and Son Baewulf

Brinx, Brekka and Baewulf
v Kearanen