Why a Kearanen Talo Puppy?


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      It is MY GOAL to produce the most mentally sound, physically healthy puppy I can so they can go out into the world and continue the legend of what a German Shepherd is supposed to be.

    This is why Kearanen Talo puppies are extraordinary:

1.  I am a full time trainer/instructor and Idaho's ONLY Certified Dog Behavior Consultant through IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.)  I have worked with literally thousands of puppies over the years. During that time I have seen so many behavior difficulties already in place at 9 weeks old that have been imprinted by breeders who neither have the interest or time, or ability to help their puppies be the best they can be.  I want my puppies to have the tools they need to blend easily into their new home when they leave me. 

2.  Kearanen Talo breeds puppies only when the time is right.  I don't breed litter after litter every year.  In fact, my last litter was Mavis v Bullinger BH CGC with VA Kevin v Murrtal SchH3 FH, in 2007 (shown above).  When I am sure I have the right combination of male and female, and when I am sure I have time to devote to my puppies, then and only then do I breed a litter.

3.  All during their puppyhood, I am evaluating them for who they are and what their natural drives are.  Then at 7 weeks old, I have a 3rd party professional temperament test them to confirm my findings so I can then place them in a home most suited to their personality. 

4.  My breeding males and females are health screened  by OFA for BOTH hips and elbows, and Pennhip evaluated for the elasticity in their hip ligaments.  I will only breed an OFA GOOD or better dog with a strong history of OFA Good or better or German "A" stamp of Normal or Fast Normal.  I also do DNA testing for the Degenerative Myelopathy gene, and have my dog's eyes CERF certified.  Many breeders only OFA hips without elbows and very few do the PennHip evaluation at all.  I have never seen a breeder boast the DM DNA marker. 

5. I begin training them as soon as they are eating solid foods, introducing operant conditioning.  I like to introduce SIT, DOWN, WATCH, TOUCH, COME, NAME response, as well as imprinting bite inhibition and NO JUMPING (which is one of my biggest pet peeves with a big dog).  This usually begins at about 3 1/2 weeks of age.  Also please note that I am not of the belief that all my puppies should become Schutzhund candidates as many West German Show Line breeders are. I may also boast that not many German Show Line puppy breeders try to produce puppies for a homelife, but rather focus on Schutzhund competition. If you are looking for a Schutzhund competition dog, my puppies are probably not going to be the puppy you are looking for because I do bite inhibition work with them. 

6. I allow my bitch to wean her puppies naturally.  She is fully capable of teaching her puppies bite inhibition as they are weaning. Puppies that are forced weaned too soon can have so many problems with  inappropriate mouthing and too rough play with other puppies and dogs.

7.  I strictly adhere to the Dr. Jean Dodds Vaccination Protocol which is, in my opinion, the best thing any breeder can do for their puppies. As such, no puppy will leave my home until they have had their first shots at NINE weeks of age.  I will NOT vaccinate them earlier as studies show this is the best time for their immune system to handle a vaccination. Then, my puppies are only vaccinated with Parvo and Distemper and ONLY when they have been muscle tested by my holistic veterinarian and found strong enough to handle their first vaccination.  I will expect my puppy buyers to continue with the protocol, or prove to me their research that shows differently.

9. I feed my dogs only the best frozen raw or grain free kibble.  I expect my puppy buyers to share my interest in providing them with the same care and concern for their health as they grow up.

10. My bloodlines are the best and well known West German Show Lines have to offer.  World Siegers and VA heritage are in abundance in all my breeding dog's. The West German Show line dogs have strong yet stable temperament, but in general are easier to live with than many of the East German DDR dogs, especially for the people looking for the family dog.

11.  My puppies have the ancestry and ability to be top contenders as competition dogs in sheep herding, obedience, tracking, agility, or in service work, search and rescue, bomb detection or even pet therapy.  Identifying what YOUR goal is for your dog is crucial in determining which puppy will best suit your needs.

12. Since I am a trainer and competitor, I have titled all my own dogs, or am in the process of training them towards a title.  I don't send my dogs to someone else to title or train. Because of this, I know my dogs inside and out.  I know their biddability, their strengths, their weaknesses.  I take great pride in this fact.

13. I will provide training to local puppy buyers at a 50% discount to encourage leadership, and fairness in training.  The puppies I have out in the community should be the shining example and ambassador for the breed, and my breeding program. 

14. All puppies come with a health certificate and hip guarantee.

15. All Kearanen Talo breeding dogs and puppies are AKC registered.

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Thank you for considering a Kearanen Talo puppy!