Guardyan's Isabella,
PPAD, Inc Trained Guide Dog
OFA Good, Elbows Normal, PennHip
CERF, and
Degenerative Myelopathy DNA tested "N/N" by OFA
which means she can only transmit normal genes to her offspring!

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     Isabella makes a splash whatever she does.  I'll never forget the day I took her out to work  for my friend Sharon to see.  Sharon had only seen her playing in the backyard, just another member of the pack.  When I gave Isabella the command to heel, out of the pack she came flying, flipped in the air, and landed in total perfection next to me, eyes gazing ready for the next command.  Sharon's eyes popped out of her head!! 
     Isabella's work ethic is perfection.  All she wants to do is be perfect.  She's small, but within the standard, and packs huge intelligence.  Her natural instinct to protect and avoid danger is her gift to guide work.  She is sensible yet confident but not overbold.  The perfect combination for guide work.
       She was originally trained as a guide dog for Positive Partners Assistance Dogs, Inc, but we felt she has huge value as a breeding dog for the program.  Some of her puppies will be available for working and pet homes. 

     Isabella has been bred to Brinx and we hopefully will have puppies the end of January 2012.     


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