Fran Jewell

Idaho's ONLY International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants,
Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

The Wood River Valley's ONLY member of
NADOI - National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors
Certified #1096

Owner/Instructor of
Positive Puppy Dog Training, LLC

Fran is the ONLY full time instructor in the Sun Valley, Ketchum, Hailey and Bellevue area
 for the past 14 years.

Founder and Executive Director of

Positive Partners Assistance Dogs, Inc

an IRS 501(c)(3) that trains service dogs for the disabled since 2003

AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and
S.T.A.R. Puppy Evaluator # 4551

Helping dogs to become good citizens since 2001

Member of:
GSDCA - German Shepherd Dog Club of America -
GSD Parent Club

BSTCM - Big Sky Tracking Club of Montana - an AKC Club

USRVDTC - Upper Snake River Valley Dog Training Club - an AKC Club

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Faithfully at her side is
Evandar Mestari v Brostrom, AD BH TR1, TR2, TR3, FH, TD, Mobility Dog, CGC,
son of World Sieger
VA Lasso v Neuen Berg SchH3 FH
and VA Jessie v Blickfeuer SchH2


     Fran is Idaho's ONLY Certified Dog Behavior Consultant for the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ANIMAL BEHAVIOR CONSULTANTS (IAABC).  

She is one of only five Certified NADOI instructors in Idaho! 

And is the ONLY instructor in the Wood River Valley to work training dogs and people FULL TIME for 14 years.

     Her experience encompasses nearly 5,500 pet dogs, and training venues in Obedience, Sheep Herding, Pet Therapy, Air Scent Search and Rescue dogs, Detection Dogs, Agility, Tracking, service dogs for the disabled, and Schutzhund.  Fran has been judging 4-H for nearly 22 years. No one else in the Wood River Valley can boast those accomplishments!  Fran was also the founder, Executive Director and a Training Director for Positive Partners Assistance Dogs, Inc.

     Combined with over 25 years of dog competition experience and over 45 AKC, UKC, SV, and Delta Society, Search and Rescue titles on her own dogs, Fran did an additional six year apprenticeship to gain her professional knowledge as a dog trainer before starting Positive Puppy. Fran continues to further her education by attending professional training on a regular basis. She also provides national and international webinars for NADOI (National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors) and has been featured in several magazines including Sun Valley Magazine and FIDO Friendly.  Two of her dogs were featured in FOUND DOGS and SECOND CHANCES, books by Elise Lufkin;  and she speaks at both local and state wide events on various canine related topics.

     Fran has owned over 18 dogs of her own, 13 of which have been German Shepherds.  She has owned mixed breeds and rescues.  She breeds German Shepherds specifically with the goal of producing service dog candidates with exceptional temperament and structure.  She developed the Early Puppy Development Program for Positive Partners Assistance Dogs, Inc.  If you have an interest in German Shepherds, please visit  Kearanen Talo German Shepherds.

     Fran has lived in Hailey, Idaho for 32 years sharing herself and her dogs in numerous volunteer roles including Blaine County Search and Rescue, Pet Therapy at Blaine Manor, and as a 4-H Dog Leader and Judge with the youth of our Valley and across Idaho.  



The National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors was founded in 1965 when a small group of highly experienced dog trainers gathered together and resolved to promote modern, humane training methods and at the same time elevate the standards of the dog obedience instructing profession. To accomplish these goals, it was decided that members of the organization should be designated as having attained certain skills and knowledge of dog training and obedience instructing. NADOI is not only the oldest group of its kind in the world, it is the only professional organization to require that all applicants demonstrate proficiency in their craft, as tested and measured by their peers, before membership is granted. NADOI members are found all across the USA and in many foreign countries.

OUR MISSION today remains unchanged: To certify dog obedience instructors of the highest caliber, to provide continuing education and learning resources to those instructors, and to continue to promote humane, effective training methods and competent instruction.